About the Blog

As the byline suggests, this blog is a collection of thoughts and experiences—sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent—concerning mental health and academia. More precisely, it will ask questions about navigating academic life as a person with a mental illness.

Before I continue, let me make one thing patently clear:

I am NOT a doctor. 

…Nor will I suffice in place of one. Mental health illnesses are vast and varied. How you manage your own mental health is personal. It is between you and your professional mental health team. None of the contents of this website suffices for a diagnosis or treatment regimen. If you are concerned about your own mental health, contact your doctor and/or campus counselling service.

Of course, the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ are exceedingly broad. While I might, at times, speak in generalities about the specific challenges I face, I cannot and will not set out to address all possible mental health challenges as they relate to academic life. If you have a specific experience that you would like to share, I am most open to hosting guest articles. Please contact me by email if this interests you.

I won’t declare that the topic of this blog is wholly novel; in the vast expanse that is the blogosphere, I feel certain someone has already noticed this all-important niche. Nevertheless, I feel I have something unique to offer, and so I present to you “Mental Faculties.” It is currently a work in progress, however, in time, it will contain articles on such topics as (1) speaking to your supervisor about your mental health issues, (2) the ever-present stigma attached to mental illness, (3) the role of perfectionism in mental health, (4) coping with student life, and many others. Once again, if you are so inclined, I welcome your suggestions and comments; please feel free to contact me by email.

For more on the motivation behind this blog, see “Wherefore a blog?”.

In the meantime, watch this space!