Resources on Mental Health and Academia

Well, a student is as a student does, and that couldn’t be truer where I’m concerned. While engaging in a bit of what I affectionately call “productive procrastination” I happened upon a terrific list of resources on the very topic of this blog. Earlier this year, Dr. Karen Kelsky of the aptly-titled blog The Professor Is In. posted an expansive list of websites, blogs, talks, and papers, all broadly on the topic of mental illness in academia. I’m eager to follow these up, and will post reviews of any content I find particularly interesting as I work my way through.

Needless to say, my procrastination habit will be well-fed for the foreseeable future…

Do you have any recommendations that don’t appear on this list? Are there any topics you feel are missing? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

(P.S. I will continue with more substantial content next week in a post on the culture of shame in academia.)

2 thoughts on “Resources on Mental Health and Academia

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